Nattering New-Age Nitwits

It annoys me no end when New Age nitwits coo glowingly of the spiritual deeps of pre-Columbian civilizations. The Maya, the Aztec, the Inca, had impressive civilizations, impressive cultures, with fine art, significant engineering skills–all that is true. But: “While incidents of human sacrifice among the Aztec, Maya and Inca have been recorded…the discovery of a large-scale child sacrifice event in the little-known pre-Columbian Chimu civilization is unprecedented in the Americas — if not in the entire world,” National Geographic said.

The Carthaginians (in what we now call Tunisia) also had an impressive civilization–and they tossed babies into furnaces. (See link in comments.) ANY people who let magical thinking and a penchant for ritualistic cruelty lead them into human sacrifice was as debased as the gabbling Christian priests who tortured and mass-murdered “heretics” for the Inquisition and the so-called Church. THEY ALL SUCK EQUALLY because they’re all human beings and human beings are prone to sleepwalking through their entire lifespans, while having complex waking dreams that they mistake for waking life. They can do fine things and debased, monstrous things in the same day without knowing the difference. Humanity cheerfully dives headlong into the basest most toxic ideas, so long as it’s in some way comforting; so long as it aids in keeping them in their cozy state of waking sleep…

Another popular form of New Age Nitwit nattering is found in that weird mix of scripted fixation and pseudo-documentary “What the Bleep do we Know?” which is actually a recruiting video for the Ramtha (JZ Knight) cult. It’s suffused with pseudo-science, cherrypicked quotes mixed with utterly made up bullshit, and other rubbish. Yet this fraud was and is a successful film. It’s been debunked many times but no one seems to care.

It’s odd–they don’t seem to get the irony in the title of their film.

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