Fire Isn’t Bad but Parental Addiction to Technology Hurts Children

The thing that bothers me most about “smart” phones isn’t the idiots walking down the street staring into the screens, or sitting with each other in restaurants both staring into their screens or texting…those things are repellent but what’s far worse is seeing smartphone parents in a park with their kids, and the small children want to show the parent how they can ride the merry go round, swing on the swing, throw a ball, and the parent ignores them and stares into their phone or their ipad.

The kid goes up to them, tugs on their sleeve. Parent ignores them, sends a text. The kid says things to get parent’s attention. Parent scrolls through social media on phone, mutters to the kid, scrolls some more, kid wanders off…

Or the kid tries to talk to them and the parent gives the kid a cell phone or the equivalent screen toy to look into…and now the parent and the kid are staring at phones next to each other.

Without real communication, damaging ordinary bonding and socialization, how does the kid turn out. “I don’t know what’s wrong with that kid…”

And if I ridicule overuse of smart phones and electronic media, no it doesn’t mean I’m being all “fire bad!” and against technology. That’s like saying if a man objects to a drunk driver getting behind the wheel in a car, the man must despise cars. I don’t hate cars because I despise people who drink heavily and drive. I’m against the mis-use of technology–and designing it to make misuse likely– not the technology itself.

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