There are people who disdain voting–some use one excuse for taking responsibility, some use another. Some say it’s because they’re fed up with “the two party system”–when we don’t have one. There are various parties, the Green Party with the dreaded Jill Stein, the Libertarians with the dreaded libertarians, the Socialist Party, and so on. They have failed to capture enough support to take over from the top two, is all. . .Then there are people who disdain voting because “it changes nothing”. This is sheer ignorance. If Gore had been (proven) elected, in 2000 there would have been no Iraq war. Obama’s policies were, overall, very different from Bush’s and Trump’s. He accomplished some good things. I will not engage in the tiresome listing of contrasting policies, despite some overlap, between Democrats and Republicans–you can research it. The difference is dramatic. But is the Democratic Party worth supporting?

Some people feel that there’s no one to vote for, that Democrats once meant something but they’re now ineffective, timid, and some of them are treacherous right-leaning “blue dogs”. 16 Dem senators recently voted, it’s true, to weaken Dodd-Frank. But they’re not the mainstream of the party. Anyway, I agree that the Democratic party, though a thousand times better than the Republican party, is troubled, indecisive, divided, and sometimes too much in the bag for big money. And voting for the Greens would simply give the Republicans more seats by default. So what’s the alternative?

There are those who are working to simply take over the Democratic party, to unify it around policies that are clear-cut in the defense of the working poor and the middle class, in the defense of the environment, in a desire to scale down the military to a sane (still effective) size, in their plan for firm banking regulation and an increase in taxes on the 1% and corporations…There is, for example, Young Democrats of America…Check out YDA.org

The GOP was taken over by radical-right activists. Progressive activists can take over the Democratic party–and they’re more in line with what America wants.

Don’t dump the Democratic Party. Take it over.

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