The problem with the term ‘mansplaining’, despite some truth in it, is that along with being a sarcastic term for a demeaning tone of condescension and patronizing, it can also be mis-applied to perfectly legitimate explaining.

Men are about half the human race and they must be able to explain themselves to the other half or the species will shrivel and die. We males, as we abundantly demonstrate, have serious issues–but surely not every explanatory remark made by a man to a woman is condescending, patronizing, demeaning. While thoughtful women know the difference, there are those who declare, “He’s mansplaining!” to “win” the argument even when the man is not being demeaning. The whole mansplaining concept can be a kind of pre-emptive censorship at times, as well. The man says nothing for fear of being a “mansplainer”. And notoriously, failing to talk things out is a toxic state of affairs.

Yes, even women can be unfair. And do women never engage in eye-rolling, demeaning, condescending explanations when speaking to men?

Is this post mansplaining? I hope not. I just know that I don’t dare shake my fist at women over all this…We men are on the defensive all the time now, and  to a large extent we deserve it. Karma is a…well, not a bitch. But it may be a lady.


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