I’m a Supporter of Transgender Rights & I Can’t Stand the Term Cisgender

Okay, I say this objection is NOT political. I can’t stand the term cisgender or cismale or cisfemale, as promulgated by people who imagine they’re progressive (even though they’e engaging in linguistically incorrect name calling) for people who are Just the Gender They Were Born In. People (rarely actual transgender people) who feel we must resort to assaulting English to supposedly prove some point, are, dare I use the term, bozos.

“Calling me a bozo is pejorative!” Yes it is. You deserve a real pejorative. And cisgender as a term SOUNDS pejorative and I do not believe them when they say it doesn’t and I do not believe them when they say it’s not intended, consciously or unconsciously, to be negative sounding, ugly, and like hanging a sign over someone. “Wear this armband that says cisgender,” she sneered.

If that’s not what’s going on why is it pretty much always in a negative context that they use the term? “Cisgenders oppressed me today.” No–ASSHOLES oppressed you. That’s why we have terms like ASSHOLES to talk about certain kinds of jerks who are abusive–whether to girl scouts or postal workers or to gay persons or transgender persons. It was a cretin, a jerk, a putz, a schmuck, an asshole–it was not a cisgender person oppressing you. Because that term doesn’t exist just because you and a few thousand other people say it does, or because some rare college professor pretends to like it.

And is the term cisgender ugly, oh yes. It sounds like cess-gender. It has a hiss-sound at the beginning of it.

I’m SORRY I have had one definite gender from birth, okay? I’m SORRY it’s my birth gender and I’m not bothered by the gender. Happy now? But aren’t transgender people supposed to know what gender they are psychologically, inwardly, and so on, from an early age? “I’ve always known I was female, so I’m transing to female.” And that’s fine with me. I believe you! But if you always knew you were female, shouldn’t we say you’re cisgender? You weren’t assigned that, true, by the outside world, but you assigned that, or knew that you were always female…so…you were always that gender. So you’re arguably cisgender. Which means the term is extra lame.

This isn’t political because accepting transgender folks is not a political thing, it’s a human decency thing. That’s how they are, it hurts no one, just accept them. And don’t call people phony categorization names.

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