A Military Response to North Korea: Hypotheticals…

I’m not down with Trump on anything, because he’s an incompetent. But I’d consider non-nuclear, concise military action against North Korea…The claim that it would kill millions in the region is over the top. Since Trump and his staff are largely incompetents (although the guy who is running the Defense dept does have it together as a strategist, I think) I would expect them to totally screw any military action up there, at least if Trump is making decisions. If the Pentagon and experienced strategists come up with an intelligent plan, that could be executed without his interference, I would not be opposed to it.

I’m not a pacificist and I do think NK is a real threat due to its ICBM testing and its declaration that it is ready to attack us. In my way under-qualified opinion I *suspect* that what the smart strategist would do would be to move anti-missile emplacements into place asap, move ships equipped with the requisite Tomahawks et al in place, prep drones with rockets and stealth jets, designate these targets: all the missile emplacements employed by N Korea within reach of Seoul. Simultaneously, a bunker buster attack on the known site of the NK nuclear weapons development facility, possibly selective targets in Pyongyang. These attacks should come in rapid waves. We would NOT use nuclear weapons…There might well be few missiles launched, in return, by NK–but they won’t have much left to shoot them from…The run-up to all this would be done with as much smoke-screening and secrecy as possible. Keep in mind that this would not be carpet bombing–only military and research facilities would be targeted. This could be carried out to “de-fang” the North Koreans and I believe it would end with, at least, internally-effected regime change. It would not require a long commitment of troops or air power.

All this is hypothetical, just thinking about what could be done. But if there was a good plan –something like this–and if I were one of the Joint Chiefs I wouldn’t oppose it.

People in Seoul would take shelter or be carefully evacuated, as the attack starts, if possible.. US and SK troops would be withdrawn to a safe distance and then special forces would hit Pyongyang, while our on the ground forces now in SK would advance once the initial bombing was over. NK would fold–or sue for peace. Kim Jong Un would be killed or removed from power. But would there be a price in casualties? Yes. *However*–*more lives would be saved* in the not-very-long run because NK is starving and in many cases torturing its own people…This would set them free, to unite NK with South Korea…

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