Children Are Still Allowed to Play Outside?! Madness!

Watching some children playing silly fun games in a pasture behind their house today; big blowsy spring clouds, intermittent sun, mild temperatures, fir trees and horses looking on–what do those kids’ parents think they’re doing? Those kids had…no cellphones! They weren’t playing on little pre-school computer play-screens. You’ve gotta train kids to use cell phones otherwise they develop real social skills, they get sunshine and oxygenation and exercise, and they’re going to be trouble.

Get a clue, if you screen train them then you can sit around staring like a fucking zombie into your own fucking cell phone without the kids asking you for attention. They don’t care if they’re being spoken to or played with or taken somewhere out in the world, because you have the screen-based babysitter. Their brains will shrink to an appropriate size so they will lose the capacity for critical thinking, making them good citizens for the new America!

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