Could Russia Take Over the USA Through Cyberhacking?

Is it possible that Russia could take over the USA without firing a shot? I feel a bit sheeplish, as if I might come off like some guy in the John Birch Society, writing that. But we’re not talking about Communists (though we’re talking about a Russian regime that seems to admire Stalin’s methods) or “commie infiltration”. Top American bigshots, Harry Reid, Clinton, Obama, and even the CIA have expressed concern about the evident Russian hacking of the DNC–and indications that Russian cyber agents hacked into the primaries in Arizona. There seems to be some sort of backroom agreement between Trump and Putin; there are enough indications that one can infer it, at least.
And if Russia were to tinker with our voting, even take it over, without anyone being able to quite prove it…would the US Gov actually declare the voting process to be without validity? If the Russians gave elections to right-wingers with whom they may’ve made deals, and the US govt discovered this, wouldn’t the govt risk an uprising if they said, “Election invalidated”?
If the Russians can insert candidates favorable to them–could they actually make backroom deals with those candidates, more candidates than Trump, that give them control over the USA? “You will be ‘elected’, but you must do as we ask…” Perhaps in a few years “congress” would “vote” to merge the USA and Russia.
Paranoia? Maybe. But it’s time to take international hacking of voting far, far more seriously.

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