I entirely support the LGBT rights movement. I was used to the term LGBT and fine with that acronym; recently (anyhow it’s recent to me, I hadn’t seen it till yesterday) it’s gone to LGBTQ. I thought, isn’t that redundant? It terms of public relations, don’t you want to keep it simple and isn’t LGBT inclusive enough? Isn’t Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender already a sufficiently prolix phrase? But they added Queer which seemed to me to be already implicit in gay and lesbian. Jeez, the original gay rights groups chose queer as a way of co-opting a supposed insult and making it over into their own word. Now it means more, more and more: “LGBTQ: “LGBTQ” is an acronym that originated in the 1990s and replaced what was formerly known as “the gay community.” The acronym was created to be more inclusive of diverse groups. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (and/or questioning) individuals/identities.”

It’s like, we weren’t confusing enough. I get it, the idea is supposed to be all-inclusiveness. But isn’t that a dilution of the movement? I mean…”questioning”? I was always told by gay rights people and scientists studying it that gay people knew they were gay from the start. Some people do have a brief period of psychologically coming out of the closet but is this really necessary for them? Isn’t the Q overdoing it? And many of us have encountered people who feel it’s fashionable to be questioning their gender identity when in fact they know it perfectly well. Every gay person I ever knew, knew they were gay from the start. They couldn’t always act on it but they knew. Straight people know they’re straight. Bisexual is already covered.

Too late now. The Questioning is out of the barn, it’s out there, we’re to accept it and I’ll use the term–saw it on MSNBC today, it must be somewhat official. But the community would be wiser to have some public relations perspective next time so they don’t end up with LGBTQPIALT — PIALT for possibly in another lifetime.


LGBTQPMBBNTSORTS: LGBTQPossiblyMightBeBisexualNotTotallySureOrRefuseToSay

Also some may want to add and MS at the end for Meh-Sexual meaning “I just feel meh about sex” …

Queer always stood for homosexual in the movement but the old guys and gals of the movement–many of them have died off. So the young people get to make themselves feel self important by appropriating queer. Like “include me! Because…because…I’m questioning…that’s it!” Bullshit. That’s like saying “I feel that I’m an African American though I’m a blond Norwegian”…


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