Obama Works Toward Nuclear Disarmament. Is He a Good Man?

“Obama’s Hiroshima visit strengthens his call for nuclear disarmament” says the headline from the Guardian.

And yes some powerful people really do work for a better world.

You think Pres Obama’s support of the new pacific trade agreement is bad? Could be. But he insists it requires new environmental rules and in the long run will help America, pushing back against Chinese trade dominance. He also feels it’s an “on balance” thing–this has deficits for us but *on balance* it will help the economy over the long haul. He could be wrong! But that’s what he thinks: a gain for American in the long run.

You think his use of drones to take out al Qaeda, Taliban, and Isis operatives is bad? He’s changed the protocol for it to try his best to reduce civilian casualties and they’re doing far fewer of the strikes now. He feels that he has to keep terrorist organizations off balance and that it’s having a beneficial effect overall. I will guess that he feels that ethically it’s the best outcome in the long run; that it’s overall a gain for the world at large as well as Americans. I would guess that someone gets chewed out, or fired, when he finds out there was a sloppy targeting. Maybe he’s WRONG to authorize drone strikes. But it’s evident to me he sincerely believes it will be a gain for everyone over all, to take out terrorist and extremist leadership. The intended targets are, after all, people who advocate throwing acid in the faces of young girls for wanting an education.

Going back, his use of Wall Street connected people in his administration–he felt that in order to get banks and other investors *investing* again, he had to open up dialogue with them through intermediaries, and show he wasn’t hostile, even though he was pushing reforms. Maybe he wasn’t tough enough–or maybe the GOP blocked his efforts at tougher reform. They certainly blocked his jobs program.

Did he make a mistake on fracking? I think so. I think fracking’s going to be banned state by state in this country. He can make mistakes. But the guy is sincerely trying to work for a better world.


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