Sanders Supporters will Probably be Smart Enough, When the Time Comes..

I THINK that Bernie Sanders will inevitably endorse Clinton–if she gets the nomination–and when he endorses her *most* Sanders supporters will vote for her in the general election. Maybe a fair number won’t. But the majority will. And I think that’ll just squeeze Trump out.

It has to work out like that, if the country is not to slide into the dust-heap of the lowest of the lowest common denominator–because apparently voters in Ohio and many other states don’t care about Trump’s racist statements (which he’s now trying to cover up), they don’t care about his flagrant slobbering after his daughter, his poor understanding (to put it kindly) of foreign policy, his floating the idea of killing lots of women and children in the Middle East because they’re the families (he supposes) of terrorists, his verbal degradation of women, his wife’s posing (presumably with his approval) in the nude for a major magazine, GQ, *while chained to a briefcase full of money*, his deliberately catalyzing violence at his rallies, his association with white supremacy, his cartoonlike plans to close the southern border–none of that bothers them.

So we have to hope that Sanders supporters, if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination–she probably will–will be forward-thinking enough to vote for her. I know he’ll be intelligent enough to endorse her.

If you wonder WHY Trump’s supporters follow him no matter what–it’s the power of magical thinking. The power of the primitive mind. The power of the subconscious:


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