The Music in the Sentence, BROKEN MIRROR GLASS and – SF SIGNAL

Here’s the opening of my short guest editorial at SFSIGNAL Magazine. Link below.

‘I was scarcely more than a boy when I attended the Clarion Writer’s Workshop in Seattle. One of the instructors was Harlan Ellison, and being a fan of Ellison’s I was on edge with excitement, even more like a cat on hot bricks than usual. In those days I was wildly callow, the very soul of impulsiveness. One night I dropped acid–and I dropped down on Ellison, just missing him, from the boughs of a tree as he walked underneath. After the necessary fulmination, Harlan let it go. He put up with me, he said, because I “heard the music in the sentence”. You either heard the music in prose, he told us, or you didn’t….’

Read all about it and Broken Mirror Glass at:

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