When Fake is “Real” and Real is “Fake”

Frequently a fantastic claim is made–whether for alien abductions, or, in this case, the Shroud of Turin–then it is disproved. Then the fantastic claim is repeated, a few years later, with little or no reference to the facts that disproved it. And the whole phantasm starts over again.

I was recently surprised, reading a new book, an account of Tibetan “rainbow body” tales, to see the Shroud of Turin woven (as it were) into the account, as parallel “evidence”; then saw the Shroud of Turin (Jesus’s supposed burial shroud) evoked at great length in a so-called documentary on Jesus’s resurrection on the so-called History Channel. They repeated old, false claims–for example, that no painter’s pigments were found on the Shroud of Turin image of Jesus. But in fact, “forensic tests on the red stuff have identified it as red ocher and vermilion tempera paint”. The shroud has been proven fake many different ways–see the link below.

Weirdly, it’s the same with “the moon landing was faked” people–every “how do you explain this!” observation about the moon landing has been explained, or refuted, and quite definitively. The moon landing was proven real from dozens of angles…Yet a couple years later, people blare the same pseudo-facts to “prove” that it was all fake. The same selective memory methods are used to claim the fake is real, and the real is fake!



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