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Saw DEADPOOL tonight. The opening credits alone are worth the price of a ticket–they were hilarious. Produced by “some douchebag’…directed by an “overpaid tool” and so on…that made me laugh more than I have in a comedy in years. The movie made me laugh a lot–on purpose. It is so pop-cultural referential that you’ll laugh or smirk or elbow your friend twice as much as me if you get all the references, perhaps three times as much. But we got enough, and enjoyed the snarling snark-masterful humor and Ryan Reynolds’ delivery so much, we laughed and were entertained all through. Potty mouthed? You bet. R rated? Probably good reason.

Violent–oh my God. It’s written by people who seem not to take violence seriously…but I doubt that’s the case. We’re all so painfully aware that we’re (at best) living in an archipelago of little islands of relative peace in a world seething with violence and hatred. It’s not that we don’t take violence seriously–it’s that we have to laugh at it as a defense because we can see it, just over there…on the news. Or if you were in Boston or South Manhattan or San Benardino or Sandy Hook or Aurora Colorado or–pick your favorite American mass murder–you might’ve seen it up close and personal..

A strange amalgam of adult sophistication and adolescent humor, exquisite acting and slapstick, Deadpool is a movie that some people will see and dissect over and over. I myself–and I rarely do this–would like to see the script of it. Because I’m still processing one joke or irony when another is leaping at me.

Man is this ever *not* for everyone. And a lot of reviewers don’t get it. But it’s popular and to me it’s great satire–mocking everything superhero–and roaringly entertaining.

I can’t compare it to the comic it was adapted to, because I didn’t read that, but I think I *get* the character. Cool music too.

And by the way–all the talk about Deadpool supposedly being bisexual or pansexual gay-yearning or something? I don’t think so, not at all. Not in the movie version. He’s *joking* about it all the time. Well so does everyone. But this guy is not only very heterosexual, sorry, this is a very hetero movie. That’s neither a good thing nor a bad thing. But whoever started the pseudo-analytic “he’s bisexual” meme is full of crap. They should have a good bisexual Marvel superhero character. Maybe they do. But this ain’t it.

You know, if Quentin Tarantino made a superhero movie, it might be something like this. Though I think it’s more carefully made than his films (I do like his films). It’s influenced by them and maybe, as my wife observed, by the character Ash from the Evil Dead series…only Deadpool is more manic, smarter, and closer to the edge of crazy…

This is the first feature film by director Tim Miller–and he scored.

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