Everybody Must Get Schlonged

Be careful not to screw with Donald Trump or you might get SCHLONGED. He said that Hillary Clinton was “schlonged” in 2008, in the primaries, by Barack Obama. She lost the primary to Obama. She’s not a winner, see. She gets SCHLONGED. Unless you like getting SCHLONGED, and some do, you should be careful, in general, not to get SCHLONGED. You want to get SCHLONGED? I don’t think so. Hillary, he said, was “disgusting” because she had to go to the lady’s room, so they had to wait at the outset of the recent debate. Disgusting. So what’s going to happen? She could get SCHLONGED. I mean, please. You want a President who SCHLONGS–or one who gets SCHLONGED?

You could get SCHLONGED on this whole election thing, here. So be careful. Don’t get SCHLONGED. Although, as I said, some people may like getting…


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