Facebook posts from the year 2021

Facebook posts from year 2021: “…anyone has canned goods of any age to donate to me…” “Surfing off the coast of Nevada, caught a nasty UV burn, accelerated cancer…” “Has anyone gotten a message from my wife, new dust bowl storm over Kansas City, half the town buried, I’m on west coast…flights cancelled again as per usual…” “…Son started learning Mandarin in preschool, hope they hire him…”

“When facebook posts appear in front of me while I’m taking a shower, floating in the air the way they do now, god, I don’t know, it makes me uncomfortable. I know you can’t see me unless I turn on the cam but…”

‎”If anyone gets a post from my son Rory please tell him to switch off VR and come home. He’s been lost in VR for two days at some cheap out of town hookup…I’m afraid he’ll get malnutrition and have to go to the hospital again…”

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