GIANT WASPS! Run for cover–PaleoEntomologists Invade!

VANCOUVER – It was literally a huge discovery.

Bruce Archibald was searching for fossilized insects in British Columbia’s southern Interior when he cracked open a rock and found a beautifully-preserved giant horntail wood-wasp.

“I immediately jumped up and split my pants,” he recalled with a laugh. “Probably, the species should have been named Latin for pants-splitter, but we went with something a little more technical.”

My friend Bruce, here, and I, go way back to being in bands and the alternative — very-alternative– music scene in Portland. He was in Tu Tu band with Jim Baldwin and in other bands after that. But he is now a scientist; eventually became a paleo-entomologist. A professorial person finding giant primeval insects. He is known for having discovered a new ancient giant ant, too, amongst other things. And now…

“Archibald said the discovery gives researchers insight into how the modern world started to come together after the extinction of the dinosaurs. All the elements enjoyed by today’s giant horntail wood-wasps were in place 53 million years ago — including trees such as fir, pine, spruce, hemlock, sequoia and cedar.”

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