Hillary Clinton May Lose the Election Because of the ABSS

If someone electable like Rubio gets the GOP nomination for President and Hillary gets the Dem nomination, she may have to scramble for enough votes to win the general election because of Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters. I will vote for Sanders in the primary and if he gets the nomination but there’s a good chance he won’t get the nom nod, so ABSS voters may well refuse to vote or hopelessly write-in Bernie Sanders; the latter is legal but hopeless, as it’ll only divide the Dem/independent vote. A boycott of voting in the general election, perhaps because ABBSupporters will assume that Bernie was somehow inveigled out of his rightful nomination, would be childish and uninformed and something they’d regret later.

If Trump gets the nomination, or Carson, maybe there’ll be fewer ABSS dissenters refusing to vote for Clinton, as they’ll be sufficiently alarmed by the foreseeable consequences of a Republican win…

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