Nature Doesn’t Have Wi Fi, Bruh

Nature is, like, so lame. Nature doesn’t even have wi-fi. Nature doesn’t have a cell phone, or even a pad or laptop, bruh. Nature has pretty good graphics design, I guess. That’s what it has. Good graphics. But it has, like, no firewalls against shit like mosquitoes. And you can totally design better trees online. My friend has a tree app, he can design trees, to go with his digitalpet, and he can make the trees fly. Nature doesn’t make trees fly. Seeds don’t count, dude.

Nature doesn’t have Twitter, birds so totally don’t count; nature doesn’t have Instagram. If you’re in the Grand Canyon nature doesn’t Instagram you to Niagara Falls. Nature doesn’t have Snapchat. Does, like, a bear send chat with its poop or glands or something? I don’t want some gland-chat. Nature doesn’t pay you for clicks. Nature doesn’t have ‘order your food’ apps. No pizza delivery. You have to catch and kill the pizza. Check it out, rain-sound on youtube. You can’t turn that off in nature.

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