Who is WHOO?

You know what I really dislike? I’m watching the Colbert show or Bill Maher or pretty much anything else with a TV audience, and some guy in the audience gives out a piercing “WHOO!” in a quick high pitched way, an attempt to take part in what’s going on up on stage. You can see a flicker of irritation from the stage performer, but they don’t say anything. The guy is being “positive”, after all, he’s giving a “shout out”, he’s approving of what has been said, what has been referenced–how can you argue with that? Well, I can argue with it. It makes me grit my teeth and roll my eyes.

I think what bothers me most about it is knowing *Whoo! Guy* doesn’t really care about whatever he’s Whooing about. Whether it’s ostensibly a political support Whoo! or a “Hot damn, yeah, Meryl Streep is coming out next” Whoo! or a “Yeah, slam it to those phony celebs” Whoo! or whatever it is. In the latter case, especially, he’s being a hypocrite because he’s trying to play Tiny Little Moment of Celebrity *Whoo!* Guy. “Hear that? That was ME!” He’s like one of those guys who stop behind newscasters on the street and give a wink and a thumbs up. “Hey I was on TV today!”

It’s distracting and it’s annoying and he thinks it’s Making The Scene. Like Meryl Streep is going to think, “Oh thank you, Whoo! Guy, I’ll always remember you.”

You don’t notice them? Listen next time.

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