To defy the Gods!

“You are my offspring,” said the parent, “so I give you this advice: do not piss off the gods. Indeed, avoid them if you can.”

“Who are the gods?”

“The two-legged giants who command this world we live in. We believe they constructed it. Another piece of advice: avoid the sink area, despite the enticements of the drain, for they return to it often. They may crush you there. Above all, do not linger in the trash can.”

“But it is there we find sustenance, and will make our maggots!”

“Yes but they return to it regularly, and they will trap you, and crush you. You are mere flicks of annoyance to them. You are ephemeral nothings to the gods; buzzings, transporters of disagreeable micro organisms.”

“Our micro organisms are our friends!”

“The gods do not view it so. A final piece of advice, if you must fly near them, do not fly between their hands. Some of them clap their hands together faster than others. In all things, avoid the gods, though we are dependent on their leavings for our livelihood.”

“Why should I conform to this standard? I will rebel, I will defy them, and fly at their faces, perhaps to back them away from the trash can, so that I may spend my time there unconcerned!”

“Do as you like. I have many offspring. Many eggs hatch into maggots and become flies. The greater god, natural selection, will punish you. Or–you may choose to extend your life, if you choose not to piss off the gods…Listen! The thunder of their feet! It is trash day! Quickly, away from the trash can!”

“No, I defy them! I have another strategy to defeat the gods!”

….And thus the defiant fly hid itself in the trash,and rode therein to paradise, the city dump, where all was laid bare for the taking, where it might live out its life happily within the gloriously reeking tunnels of garbage, proudly watching its maggots turn to flies…and knowing it had triumphed…

Until the giants used the thrusting machine to push paradise into the incinerator.

The End

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