Facebook and the Mentally Ill

Every so often, one of my facebook friends will reveal themselves to be mentally ill–I don’t unfriend them unless they’re revealing it inadvertently, and they’re severely paranoiac. (If they cop to it, then I’m fine with it). And as you see by the linked article I wrote I regard psychological problems as, essentially, part of life for pretty much everyone, to greater and lesser degrees. And yes, Lincoln and other respected people may have been to some extent manic/depressive…

Here’s a bit from the latest delusional fb friend: “Hi John… As you can see on my timeline I’ve been gamed by a woman who was given private information about since 2006 and was told “protect and enhance life” and “fight for love”. I have already died nearly 5 times as a result of these nazi mind control experiments I have been subjected to for 10 years. They just had to try and entrap me one more time to bury the evidence. I’m losing it. I’ve been struggling just to survive for years and I do not understand the constant attempts to set me up and control my thoughts… At least bear witness to the already atrocious behavior I’ve been subjected to for YEARS with plenty of proof and evidence.”

And so on. That was a message. I had to unfriend that guy but I don’t want to block him because, at least for now, I’m talking to him via fb message to see if I can get him to be a little more objective, maybe see a doctor. I suspect he has been on meds, and went off them. Well, most psyche meds are pretty *bad*…it’s just that, for some people, it’s *even worse* to go without them. They tend to act out in malls etc, frightening people and thus being arrested–and then getting arrested leads them to say, “See! They WERE out to get me!”

There are new scientific leads on schizophrenia and related paranoiac conditions…so the problematic meds might soon become outdated. I hope so. They have lots of side effects and can be over used in institutions. A close relative of mine working as an aid in a mental hospital has seen them used in a really oppressive way in hospitals–people dosed into mental oblivion. Antipsychotic drugs, too, are sometimes prescribed to some people needlessly. “That child is misbehaving and wild…he must be psychotic!” Whereas he’s just a kid going through a phase… so it’s a complex problem.


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