Here’s what I think will happen. Trump will not get the Republican nomination–but despite threats neither will he run as an Independent, because that would be throwing good money after bad and throwing away a bargaining chip worth billions. I think he’ll make noise as if he’s going to run as an Independent. High Republican operatives will approach him, behind the scenes, to ask that he *not* run, “for the sake of the party and the country” because if he runs he’ll split up the vote and give the election to the Democrats, and Trump will say, screw you, what’s in it for me.

He’ll say if you don’t want me to run, you owe me. Here’s what I want: If a Republican is elected President, he owes me favors. And whether he is elected or not, top Republican congress persons owe me favors. And the Koch brothers owe me favors. I want primo business deals from those guys, and they have to be huge, HUGE… And if you welsh I’ll tell ‘em where the bodies are buried.

This arrangement will happen behind closed doors, but watch for Trump to get breaks from congress and other right-wing financiers after the election and you’ll know…

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