Finally saw EX MACHINA. Alex Garland, who wrote and directed this (the first film he’s directed) also wrote the very under-rated DREDD, and SUNSHINE, and 28 DAYS LATER (certainly one of the best zombie films ever), and several novels and is generally a very bright talented guy. I think I remember that at least one reviewer of EX MACHINA described it as “intellectual”. Most movie reviewers wouldn’t know intellectual if it bit them in the ass. But it’s a smart movie, and very effective. A sign of an effective, meaningful movie is that you think about it afterwards, and I’m still thinking about it, on and off, a couple hours later.

EX MACHINA, a movie about artificial intelligence, the survival instinct, seduction, male/female relationships, and much that is sinister, inevitably reminds us, thematically, of BLADERUNNER and it also seems an homage –more than Spielberg’s “A.I.”–to Kubrick …that is, the shots, certain ideas, but mostly the film making, is very Kubrickian, and not accidentally I’m sure. It’s seamless film making and, while some bits –maybe much of it–are predictable, well…I can’t say more…but it works out…The film is not without its imperfections but it’s a very, very strong science fiction film, one of the best. All the actors are very good indeed…but it’s the film-making that impresses.

Happily lacking in big stars, EX MACHINA was not terribly expensive, compared to some, and it made a handy profit. I don’t think it should have a sequel but, commercially speaking, it *could* have, given the story and the relative success…

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