The Scary Truth About Bigfoot Hunters

I’m going to guess that if you take 100 “bigfoot hunters”, and looked into their minds, 95 of them would actually really seriously doubt that sasquatch exists. But they won’t admit it. It feels good to be a bigfoot hunter.

And if you’re a bigfoot hunter on tv, it pays too. I’m also going to guess that if you take all the producers and crew of tv shows featuring people hunting for bigfoot, 100% of them will not believe bigfoot exists, because after day after day of shooting knuckleheads stumbling through the forest, pointing goggle eyed at bear poop and bear tracks, suddenly stopping dead on a trail, and gaping about them and saying, “Did you hear that? A strange…call…out there…in the forest…” …after enough of that, you sure as hell don’t believe in bigfoot, still less the credibility of bigfoot hunters.

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