Why Do We Accept Fraudulent Advertising?

Caught part of a Dr Phil as we were drinking morning coffee about a lonely middle aged lady who’d given more than a MILLION dollars to a guy in Nigeria, a few thousand at first then tens of thousands at a time, obsessively using up all her inheritance because the guy said he loved her. Dr Phil gravely warned people about this kind of fraud–then THE COMMERCIALS for DR PHIL’S SHOW CAME ON and the first was about a “solar mask”, a literal full-face mask with little lights on it that you put on ’cause it makes you YOUNG AGAIN. Then another commercial came on about a cream that “takes away wrinkles overnight”. (Doesn’t the FDA watch television?) Commercial after commercial came on offering products with wildly irresponsible exaggerations–sometimes flat-out completely utterly fraudulent.

Then came a commercial *disguised as a news report* from our local “News 4″, part of their series called “Medical Minute”. News 4 does report real news but they also put up these paid-for “reports”…this one as about “cold sculpting” to remove body fat but it was actually a flat out paid commercial, not a real medical report. So how is that not deceptive? … I’ve been complaining about this for years.

Even respectable newspapers, which regularly report on fraud, run dishonest full page ads. Yes it says advertising in the corner of the ad. So? If it’s obviously a fraud, why is it not a fraud when it says “advertisement” in the corner of the page? If you were to corner the department heads selling ads they would say “we have no way of knowing if this is valid, we just sell ads”. Really? They have no way to know that the “solar mask that makes you young again” is fraud?

That’s a lie. It’s hypocrisy. The channels know damn well this stuff is fraudulent

Most people say, “Ha, if you believe that stuff you deserve to get ripped off…” Oh yes? So it’s okay to take advantage of stupid people? Why not just talk a mentally handicapped person out of their wallet? People who are afraid of old age and who resort to these fraudulent “cures” aren’t just a bit dull witted–they’re scared and they’re ignorant. I see no reason that scared, ignorant, foolish people should not be protected. It’s the right thing to do.

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