The Other Unemployment

Unemployment has multiple causes. Outsourcing and recession lay offs, yes, but don’t forget another cause: companies that sacrifice service quality to save money using machines. Phone menus, talking programs instead of customer service, automated gas stations where YOU do the work, supermarkets eliminating cashiers for self check-through, airlines pushing us toward self-check-in kiosks (where, again, they get the public to do the computer work)…

It’s all to fatten profits at the expense of quality…and it’s another cause of employment.

Additionally, people are now required, in most cases, to construct their own tables, bed frames etc, things that used to be made by workers. Those workers now are out of a job so that you can do free work for retailers and manufacturers. And o–it doesn’t make the stuff much cheaper, if at all cheaper, than it would be if that weren’t the system.


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