Why We Don’t Need to Worry About ROBOT UPRISINGS…

‘In the most recent episode of Star Talk Radio, the radio program from popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Musk discussed the advancements in artificial intelligence over the years and expressed his own concern with its growing power. Musk warned that once robots reached the stage of “superintelligence,” they’ll simply overpower humans and keep them “like a pet labrador if we’re lucky.” That’s from the article linked below. My feeling is–these people need not worry.

Otherwise intelligent people, like Elon Musk in the article linked below, who worry about a robot uprising, are engaging in wild speculative anthropomorphism of machines in an egregious way. They are so identified with their own human nature, their own tendency to dominance, their submission to a blind survival instinct–something we all feel–that they forget that these are inherited traits, and that machines do not have DNA, they do not have *instincts*. Nor do computers, or AIs, have an amygdala, the basic center of violence and the enacter of the darker instincts.

There is one way they can be dangerous–if we program them to be. If we tell them to be survival based and to destroy competition, then they could become that kind of being. But why would we do that? For military reasons? And even then, still no instincts, and we can program in kill switches and other devices to keep the upper hand.

It may also be that these guys are fearful of this–notice Wozniak worrying about robots getting rid of humans to “make companies operate more efficiently”–because it’s the way *they* think. That is, they’re ruthless guys. So they think AIs must be ruthless too.

Musk and friends are ignoring the fact that we evolved to be aggressive–as well as, sometimes, community oriented. Musk and the others are ignoring the structure of their genes, their genetic programming, and their own brains–which are the real source of the behavior they’re afraid of. AIs won’t behave like us in that way, unless we program them to.


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