“Spock? I thought you were dead.”

An eerie moment tonight…

I felt some appreciation of the late Leonard Nimoy was needed tonight, in our house, somehow, and as we just got the Blu Ray restoration of STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN we watched that. Others too have no doubt raised their eyebrows and shivered a little, rewatching the film recently, as Kirk reunites with now-Captain Spock, and the first thing Kirk says “I thought you were dead.”

Of course, the plot of the film itself involves Spock’s demise, so Nimoy expired twice in a short time, for me.

THE WRATH OF KHAN starts off a bit raggedly–partly because Kirstie Alley seems woefully miscast as a vulcan, and other scenes seem stilted, and of course the bridge tech is now sadly outdated. But the film soon goes into warp drive –we take pleasure in the adoring shots of the Enterprise leaving dry dock, Nicholas Meyer’s feel for the Big Story and the grand theme, the energy of clashing personalities, the sheer fun (and effulgent charisma) of Montalban chewing the scenery as Khan quoting Moby Dick, and, after all, the film still works. The Genesis device, too, is still an interesting concept. And of course Spock’s parting scene with Kirk is genuinely touching. Nimoy was a wonderful Spock in life and wonderfully poignant now, as Spock dying.

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