Va-GIE-nah, oo-kay?

I was waiting in a pharmacy line, saw a thin blond young woman pharmacist talking to a Filipino gent by microphone–he was in his car, in the drive up. “*Who* are you picking up for, sir? Lugpa? Are…are you Lugpa? Your wife? Ohhhh..oh-KAY.” She had a heavy California accent so she said everything like a question. “Ooh-KAY I have to give you these instructions? She has to wash the outer lips of the va-GIE-nah..?.” She had to say this louder, to be heard… “Yes–va-GIE-nah? And she has to insert the applicator to at least thray inn-chez into her va-GIE-nah? Ooh-kay? And she should try to get ALL the gel INTO her va-GIE-nah, ooh-kay? She should wipe any medicine from the OUTSIDE of her va-GIE-nah, ooh-kay?” The Filipino gent at the wheel of his car ogled her attentively, nodded, said nothing, paid as quickly as he could and gunned out of there.

After I left I saw, outside, a young beanpole gangly pimply Asian American guy with his arms full of a just-bought huge white teddy bear and some flowers, clearly for Valentine’s day. He was calling out to a girl who was pulling out of a parking space in a large car, with her frowning in the passenger seat mom beside her. Young guy waved and yelled “I LOVE YOU!” … I went to a shop to get my wife a smoothie. It was a long wait. White teddy bear kid sat outside at a table, looking at his phone, licking his lips, hugging the teddy bear and flowers to him…Looking at his phone…gazing hopefully into the parking lot…He had some notion she was going to meet him there. I left with my purchases, found my car, saw him as I drove past. Looking at his phone, gazing hopefully into the parking lot…

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