We saw SELMA tonight. We both found the film very moving, and effective. I thought it was reasonable toward LBJ–maybe not entirely fair to him but this was about MLK, not LBJ. It dramatized some of the extremes, not all of them, of southern racism at the time; it dramatized the *struggle for voting rights*. Actual real voting rights. That’s what’s at the core of this and what could be more significant for a time when voting rights are being inched back, nudged back, finally to be rolled back–in Texas, in many places across the USA, Republicans aware that blacks and other minorities tend to support Democrats are putting up new roadblocks to voting.

In this movie we see people beaten to a pulp, even killed, over the right to vote. And yet glib armchair activists declare that it’s meaningless to vote, they “boycott” the vote, they’d rather stay home and share lulz with the other lulcatz, because they do not understand how powerful voting is. If voting is not powerful–why are the Republicans trying to stop it?

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