The New Heroin Epidemic

We’re in the midst of an epidemic of heroin addiction in the USA. It’s increased 50 percent in the last four years. Where’d it come from? A pharmaceutical company called Purdue created Oxycontin, and pushed it for every little ache, and downplayed its opiate addictive qualities. Whereas it turned out to be hugely addictive. Problems arose, and the government made it harder to get. People addicted to Oxy and other painkillers–pills which had been pushed by manufacturers and doctors as Oxy had–turned to heroin. Word got out that here was a big market, in small towns and suburbs, for heroin. Dealers proliferated to answer the demand. I know a lot of people who were hurt by this. And not enough is being done to help them.

Essentially, they were victimized by pharmaceutical companies and irresponsible doctors. It really is not their fault. So why aren’t we helping them?

And if they haven’t sued them already–these victims should mount class action lawsuits against Purdue pharmaceuticals.

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