Where do you put a Package of Sadness?

If you get a big package of sadness in the mail, or perhaps the package is left for you to find in the house, and you mistakenly open it–why, there it is. It sticks to you, and it penetrates your skin. Then you feel it living in you.

You can try to squeeze it out and put it somewhere. But where do you put sadness? You can feel it in the cabinet, every time you pass it. Also, it whispers to you. Same for the attic, when you pass under that spot. The basement–no, you can smell it seeping up between the boards. You feel it in your feet. They go spottily numb; it climbs up your legs.

Bury it in the backyard? Something will grow, there, from the place sadness was buried. Something will grow huge and overshadow your house and shed sticky seeds on it, and on your land. And from those…

You can try to drop it in the sea, but all water is connected. Won’t it come back that way? Anyway, there’ll only be another package left for you. And you don’t really have to open it–shortly, it unwraps itself.

You can try not to identify with it, and step back from it, but it almost feels like a betrayal of your soul. There’s a reason for sadness, after all. But where do you *put* sadness? In a facebook post? In a book? I sometimes put it in books. But it won’t stay there long.

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