The President is Driving a REALLY Big Truck and Sitting Beside Him Is…

I don’t agree with Pres Obama about everything–HOWEVER, people who feel he’s too moderate, not forcefully progressive enough, make me think of a guy sitting beside the driver of a large truck. The truck is being driven across a busy, traffic heavy city to deliver its goods. “But you’re heading north and the delivery point is to the west,” the passenger protests.

“I have to take the truck north before I can turn west because it’s too large for these side streets and they aren’t cut through anyway.”

A bit later the passenger asks, “But now that you’re headed West why don’t you accelerate?”

“Because there’s cross traffic, and there is construction and there are traffic cops stopping me for long periods and because there are small vehicles in the way going slowly.”

“This is taking too long.”

“We’re getting there.”

“Why don’t you ram the truck to the west, just smash over those cars, you’re driving a big truck after all, and crash through the fences.”

“Because that would crush people and destroy other people’s legitimate personal property and I’d be arrested before I got there for breaking the laws.”

“You’re not forcefully progressive enough.”

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