I don’t agree with anarchists–and I think we need them

No I’m not patronizing anarchists, not being condescending. We need anarchists to lend perspective, to constantly question “archy”, to constantly push for more freedom and more freedom. At the same time we need the principle of democratic centralized order, probably, for the short term (a century or so) in a socialist-with-free-market-aspects format, in order to make it possible to take care of billions and billions of people, as well as the ecology, with some organization, some efficiency. It’s a dynamic; the organizational thrust and the anarchistic thrust, constantly working against one another to create something, an area of creativity, a kind of membrane of creativity between them, to prepare for the day that complete self rule, as opposed to a socialist republic, is possible

Hope arises from the opposition of two valid, beautiful, intelligent theorems, models of society – the socialist, say, and the anarchist, in opposition. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Anarchists constantly revitalize society. Someday their dream will emerge as a way to live.

Meanwhile, we’re all like resistance fighters, but using rhetoric and voting and demonstrations and unions and boycotts and the tools we have, to stem the hegemony, the oligarchs, the corporatists…

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