Why There Are No Comments Here Now and How WEIRD It’s Become

Weird stuff happens online.

I had to take comments off my blog, because we were getting overwhelmed with spam. But it didn’t work–somehow FOUR THOUSAND spam comments appeared under ONE posting. This was after we’d used the blog’s basic tools to eliminate all comments. Sometimes its porny links, more often it’s stuff that’s pretending to talk about the comment with some “one size fits all” remark like “Wow what a great blog, so stimulating, it makes me think of how great this new potato peeler is, from whammy jammy industries” or something.

But lots of times it’s clumsy translation, via some lame translator app, of Russian or something, coming out like “This is very so much powerful to my good, I get the hots in my golden parts so friendly, thanking at you whole cow.”

And at other times it’s about increasing google hits for some particular product or site–there are companies that do that all day.

So now, I’m told by webmaster: “Okay we have some serious problems here. Thousands of comments appeared with no reason. My tech guy is weirded out. He says there have been a # of “brute force” attempts to hack into the blog. So I am installing some security and also deleting the comments manually—which will take hours—as well as nuking the very folder…This is all what probably burned up my server.”

However we got rid of those too and made it impossible to comment so…we seem to be okay now. I regret the loss of the legit comments along with the zillions of spammy ones. Couldn’t be avoided.

If you want to comment on something here feel free to do it on facebook, or write to me via of the contact info at http://www.john-shirley.com

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