Eat Your Bar Codes! Children in North Africa Wish They Had bar Codes to Eat

Will GMO vegetables and fruit eventually be tinkered so that bar codes grow right on each celery, tomato, ear of corn, pear, and so on?

From a future Monsanto FAQ list: “We’re often asked if the bar codes that are appear on produce,thanks to genetic engineering, are edible. Yes they are! They are part of the skin of each vegetable and fruit, and can be consumed with enjoyment, since each one has a tang designed for the specific fruit or vegetable they appear on. Bar codes grown on our GMO tomatoes have a mild salty taste, since many people enjoy salt on tomatoes. Bar codes on potatoes are mildly buttery. Each bar code is infused with extra vitamins. So enjoy your bar codes–they’re the imprint of good taste, good health, and good engineering!”

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