Child Abuse on the Set of The Walking Dead? Quite Possibly So.

Saw the season premier of The Walking Dead which was well directed, edited, well made– and played out exactly as I assumed it would. It was a pretty disturbing episode but what disturbed me most was not the fiction but the real life bit: there’s a baby in the show, right? They showed a bad guy grabbing the baby, threatening to kill it unless someone disarms. Right. Okay but this was *a real baby* and the real baby was genuinely frightened by the actor. Really frightened. Really small baby. Parents? Off camera, watching. Hey, a paycheck is a paycheck. Baby harmed? Perhaps not. But was it right to *actually* terrify an *actual* baby for your entertainment?

It was not. I’ve often seen really small children on various shows, and you can see they’re unhappy and pressured. They are looking out of shot at their parents…

But this is the worst I’ve seen. That baby was terrified by that actor and what he was doing.

I think they should be called on this.

That baby was terrified and *terrified is hurt*.

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