Bombing the Scumbags is Sometimes killing the Innocent Too

Yes ISIS (ISIL) threatens to overwhelm our allies, to set up a terrorist caliphate; yes they have butchered thousands of innocent people, have taken a large number of women prisoner, have raped and tortured them, taken children to SELL–and yes we have to stop that. What worries me about our effort at stopping these people is that we are currently using bombing attacks to deal with them, and there are civilians in the way–and I’m amazed at how the media hasn’t even mentioned this possibility.

ISIS is known for taking lots of prisoners for various uses; if they’re hiding out in Syria, they’re hiding behind Syrians. And they are exactly the sort of scum to hide behind civilians. President Obama had to do something. I get that he (and most of America) doesn’t want a new US troop force sent into another war. But someone has to bring troops in. The coalition has to do it. It’s the only hope of getting at these mass murderers without killing lots of civilians by accident.

Chances are we won’t know for a long time how many innocents are killed in our bombings. It’s disturbing to consider. The President is between a rock and a hard place.

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