She Showed It Can Be Done. Women in Men’s Sports.

It’s past time for bringing women players into men’s professonal baseball. Into the Yankees, into the Giants and so on. You know–try them out. If they don’t prove out, don’t show they’ve got the stuff to compete, don’t hire them. But this girl –see the linked article–shows that some women will have the right stuff. Tackle football–nah, I can’t see most women in that, if any. Women are tough but that’s not fair. (Hell I think tackle football is a dangerous sport, prone to causing brain damage, should be flag football instead, but whatever.) And if women can compete with men in golf, baseball, why not let them try out for “men’s” basketball?

There was a time when it was claimed that Japanese men couldn’t physically measure up to compete in American baseball. Those naysayers were proven wrong.

Now it’s time for women in the big leagues.

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