Ferguson, MO– 60% Black…6% Vote.

Ferguson MO is 60 per cent African American..But In Ferguson, MO, it turns out that only 6% of African Americans in that town voted in the most recent city elections. My feeling is that those African Americans have become disillusioned with public institutions–and they lump voting in with the police, and politics. They may have been mis-led by the untruth that’s been glibly handed about–that voting is meaningless. Those who didn’t vote should consider the possibility that their failure to vote contributed to the situation that ended with the shooting of Michael Brown. Because if they’d supported a black, progressive candidate for mayor, he or she could have worked to remove the current police chief, could have done much to change the culture of the police department. Problematic, racist cops could have been removed.

So what we need is to communicate with people in communities like Ferguson about the difference that voting can make–we need to communicate that voting is powerful. That the tale that it is useless is false. That there are positive repercussions from registering to vote–and voting.

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