Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Smear Robin Williams–for Dying

Shepard Smith on Fox news says Robin Williams is a coward for committing suicide; Rush Limbaugh sneers derisively at Williams that he killed himself because of a ‘leftist attitude’…The reason this guy Smith and others at Fox and Rush Limbaugh are now speaking insensitively and derisively about Robin Williams’s death, is that Williams was a liberal, was well known to be a liberal, was part of liberal political charitable campaigns. Were he not a liberal, they would not be talking about him in this way and they would not have to apologize.

Meanwhile, William’s bereaved daughter Zelda is being harassed by trolls who, I suspect, are motivated by Rush and Fox because …Williams was a liberal. This gives the trolls “permission”. And it allows them to “interact with celebrities”…bringing some puffed up sense of imagined importance into their empty lives.

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