A Sketchy Outline of Practical Drug Decriminalization

Clarification. To whom it may concern: I support completely decriminalizing the mere POSSESSION of small amounts of hard drugs, meth even, cocaine, heroin, MDMA, or, say, a couple of oxy pills in your pocket…and decriminalization of up to a brick or two of pot or hash or “magic mushrooms”. (I believe that bigtime pot dealing and shroom dealing should be regulated, though not too onerously). I think dealing cocaine, meth, bath salts, heroin, should remain illegal.

I think that anyone found with meth, cocaine, bath salts, should have the stuff confiscated and be given an opportunity for free detox and rehab. But it shouldn’t be forced on them.

I think persons with small amounts of heroin…should be allowed to keep it. Because it’s probably not going to make them psychotic and because if they withdraw badly we may have to pay for their ER stay.


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