tilting at pro sports windmills

I always wanted there to be a professional sports team – baseball, whatever – that got rid of its expensive players, advertised for raw talent who want to play baseball at a good rate (100K a year say), auditioned people from all over, found talented ones willing to do it cheap…and show you can field a good competitive team on a LOW budget. Just knock the whole greed-sports thing into a cocked ballcap. Talented players willing to work and train for 100K a year are out there. They’d take a five year contract to break into the sport.

This wouldn’t be “minor leagues”, or stadium football, the whole concept would be to field a low-budget team that could compete with the major teams.  The assumption people have is that the big money teams attract the best players–but it could be that the whole system is broken and many great players can’t get into the major teams…If you could prove that a low-budget (relatively) team could compete in the NFL, or in major league baseball, or pro basketball, you could undercut the repellent greed in pro sports; you could deflate the over emphasis on money. You would strike a real blow for the underdog…

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