Why PRIVATIZATION of Public Services …FAILS, Time and Again

To look for the real core reason privatization of a public service tends to fail…look at the priorities. In a public service, a public water company, a prison, employees are told their priority is getting the job done for the public. That’s their reason for being there. They’re held to a standard. You can point to bureaucracies where the employees weren’t held to a standard, where it failed–but in general the public system works, people want to keep their jobs so they provide the service for the public. But in PRIVATIZED services employees are clear that the priority is PROFITS, and they are pushed into finding a way to INCREASE profits and that is the main priority. They aren’t required to do the job effectively–they are required to do the job PROFITABLY. So there’s motivation to cut corners.

There’s no long standing culture, either, of effectiveness in the privatized service. They bring to it nothing but “fast, cheap, profitable”.

In addition, a profit-motive based outfit will hire under qualified people because they can be paid less. And that has consequences.

Examples at Commondreams

A CLEAR Example of this at a prison’s privatized system for feeding inmates.


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