Where are the limits? I’ll tell you.

I limit my use of media technology. Facebook and some (limited!) videogaming and a little blogging is pretty much my limit. I don’t twit, twat or twitter. I don’t use my cell phone as a web interface. This limiting of media is a preparation, it’s a discipline in anticipation of what’s coming. When other people are using their brain transponders, when they’re in psychic wifi trances, as they stare into space and giggle every so often…I’ll be walking my dogs, and talking to my wife and sons, and singing along with the Rolling Stones on my MP3 player.

When other people are twitching, struggling with their hormone implant addictions that respond to the prompts in the movies they’re watching–they get an extra squirt of the hormone from the implant when a subliminal light flashes in a pattern on the screen–I’ll be almost alone at the art museums…if they’re still open. “Only three people show up, every week, we should close this place–everybody’s at home taking media pills. My daughter took a Picasso pill this morning…”

When everyone is wasting away because they think they’re in an exciting adventure but actually they’re forgetting to eat in virtual reality, I’ll be…remembering to eat. Pretty good food too.

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