How et gos fucked Up

How et gos fucked Up: By Aliss Pripner, for Talking Write Gud gredd 4.

My deddy hesez that et gos fucked up first back 1890 or more, un all from thet to here at 2090, is fected. Hesez ones they call Greedheds they ded et, from finding something that made thengs go, un warm spots to livin, coal and oil gas sechazat, peppul dent know, how et makezit sky too hot, un lungs to burnit, so they give credz for et. Then commze the Gud Perzun Pestercides!! Greedheds sell et, to kill crawlbugs, like we get, that eat up food plentz. Pestercides they perzoned the bees who help food plentz, un kill batz thet eat flybugs. Then Greedheds too scoop aella fish and acids water enna oshun, no fesh born after. Fucked up. deddy uses baddr words, that ones I cant say. But hesez, So Many Dead, So Many Dead.

Then comz dust storms and oshuns wash some cities, not domes them days, all peppul go into plainz and in dust and no food, so the hungerpeppul come, and alwayz storms, we go under domes, now, but his leggs broke fixing domes, always rust biten themz up, un acids storms, and we hidez under to eat from roach farmz meat and corn rooms, where soon I will work ulso.

The End from Aliss Pripner, How et gos fucked up

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