You know what’s EASY?

You know what’s easy? What’s real safe and easy, what just makes things so much simpler, is to say, “The Democrats are no better than the Republicans” And to say, “Msnbc? Just more corporate shills!” And it’s easy to say, “Al Jazeera America? They’re working the corporations too”. And it’s so safe and easy to say, “Don’t vote, it’s a waste of time. You just keep the two party system going in this country” and to say “Obama is just another corporatist.”

Easy all inclusive statements that dismiss possibilities are a way of escaping from responsibility. They’re a shortcut that doesn’t take you where you wanted to go after all.

“It’s all hopeless now. Nothing can be changed.” That is a greased slide. It’s easy to just slide down that way of thinking. So some people go for it because it’s a lot easier than really caring, really trying to make a difference.

And it’s sure easier, way safer, way less work, than looking at the actual complexities of the real world.

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