America’s Plan for Canadians After Our Invasion of that Nation

Some have “joked” of the possibility of the USA invading Canada. The simple baldfaced fact is, climate change will force the USA to invade Canada. There’s lots of room up there–and we will make treaties with Canadians. Our treaties with other groups have worked out fine in the past. The Canadians, after being moved out of their homes, can have a certain amount of land, which we’ll set aside for them.

These Canuck Reservations will have giant water towers filled with Moosehead beer. Really obedient Canadians can have three glasses of Canadian Club whisky every two hours. They will also be working in our maple syrup plantations. They will be allowed to ferment some maple syrup. They will be given Poutine to eat. The reservations will be reasonably comfortable, with every shack having sturdy tin roofs.

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