Will there be a “hetero pride day”?

Next week is gay pride parade in San Francisco. Have the conservatives ever launched a hetero pride parade, or a “traditional family pride parade”? I know: *every day* is hetero pride day; nearly all the media is a hetero pride parade. Fashions are all about enhancing reproductive suitability symbology.

An all inclusive sexuality pride parade would not be a bad thing…excluding bestiality fetishists and pedophiles–cruelty, as such, is not sexuality. Cruel sexual acts, like rape, child molestation, and bestiality, would not be permitted. Consenting adult humans would be the common factor in the parade. I exclude consensual S&M and B&D when speaking of cruelty–consenting adults engaging in B&D and S&M would be invited to the inclusive sexuality pride parade. As long as people don’t end up really harmed, and as long as it’s about consensual ADULT humans, it’s not cruel.

Can you imagine how DULL a traditional family pride parade would be, to watch? And one thing that is NOT dull is a gay pride parade.


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